Through the window

Woke up to a beautiful sunny, but really cold, day. The warmest part of the cottage was upstairs. I think we were at least in the mid-teens. Downstairs, despite a fire and electric baseboard heaters, it was a balmy 10C. We may want to insulate the floors sometime in the future if we are going to make this an annual Family Day event! However, the new windows and foam insulation that David worked on this summer was a saver keeping the heat in!

Amazing how quiet the Bay is this time of year. There were a couple of ice fishing huts not far from us and the odd snowmobile went by. Today however it was quiet. So…I decided to bundle up and stepped outside with camera in hand. Forget the tripod…too cold to set it up. My fingers and camera batteries wouldn’t have lasted anyways! And cold it was. I should have covered my face especially since I had previously gotten frostbite on my cheeks a few years ago skiing at Mont Tremblant in -60C (summit with windshield) temps. Yes…that was silly. But I had just gotten new skiis and the lift ticket was already paid for so why waste it? Anyways, the morning sun greeted me with beautifully textured snow and long shadows. 

The picture shown here was taken around mid-day as I was hanging out with the kids upstairs playing with them…and ahem…sneaking in some photography while I could. I loved the blue sky against the white snow and ice of the bay. The window framed the shot perfectly. And the tulips? Well I just loved the irony (juxtaposition?) of them. Spring vs Winter. Colour vs Monochrome. Shadow vs Light. Cold vs Warm.

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