CGP at The St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Toronto

I recently had a phone call from an art curator who mentioned interest in my photographs and before I knew it I was dropping off some of my framed pieces and signing a contract.

My artwork is now being represented by Rupert Young ( a curator working out of Toronto. This is exciting news for me as I have always loved my fine art side of my photography. In fact, creating artistic photographs are what drew me into photography back in the 80’s. I realised back then that the camera could record the beauty offered by Mother Nature as perceived by the photographer. It’s only within the last decade that I have begun expanding my taste to include ‘action’ and ‘lifestyle’ pictures. And even then I strive to create and include a visual balance between fine art and action.

The photograph above is named ‘Greenfields’ and it is currently on exhibition at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, Toronto for the month of March. How cool is that? I took this photo in 2009 using my Nikon D80. The story of Greenfields is as follows: waiting for the traffic lights to change I noticed the local park had recently undergone a ‘control burn’ by city employees. Not only could I smell it but I could see the dark ash and burned grass mixed in with new growth from the recent warm spring weather. My goal was to show the beauty of the recent burn. I loved the colours, the texture, the contrast and the idea that old vs new was everywhere. I wanted to recreate the idea that life was sustainable and could excel after a burn at and felt that panning would best demonstrate what I had envisioned.

For the month of March Greenfields is being exhibited at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts along with other notable artists. I am very proud and feel honoured to have the opportunity to show my work here. Of course, theatre goers have automatic access to the gallery on the second floor of the Centre. Gallery visits are offered and just need to be booked so that Mr. Rupert Young can open the doors for you. Let me know if you are interested in seeing the show and if I can I’ll drop by with you.

Thanks for you support and your confidence in me. It’s appreciated and gives me the strength to continue. Showing my photography publicly has not been an easy step for me as I literally feel like my emotions and self are exposed for all to see. To have my work being shown in such an establishment boosts my confidence and gives me the strength to try different forms of photography and art.

UPDATE: As of 2013 my contract with Rupert Young has finished and I am no longer represented by him. As well, my prints are no longer on exhibition at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts.


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