RJ’s Offroad Ontario XC #3 Photo Report

Offroad Ontario XC #3 is in the books as racers tackled the course looking to build points towards the 2013 provincial series. Event photos can be found HERE.

The 16 km track led the riders through fast, open straights, flowing single track, pine trees, sticky mud and the motocross track. Because of the course length the morning class completed an average of 4 laps while the pros on a slightly altered course logged in 6 laps. This made for a very scheduled and organised photo session as I knew I was not going to see the riders often. So, to maximise time and run an efficient shoot I decided to stay of the trails and take advantage of the track. Not only was it a treat to work the track but it was real nice not getting attacked by trail side mosquitos and poison ivy which I know runs rampant at RJ’s.!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and if you are purchasing, or thinking of purchasing photos, please know that before I approve any photo I make sure its ready to go by making final adjustments to crops, colours etc. In particular, for the PM riders please note that the photos taken on the downhill side of the table top can be cropped either vertical or horizontal. I cropped them horizontal as I liked the look but they can be reverted back to normal.

On a different note, I really appreciate those people who take the time to acquire a photo through the proper channels. Just saying that when I upload photos for my photo reports it does not give you the right to lift them. I wouldn’t dream of helping myself to your stuff that’s left out in the open. Thanks for your understanding.

Thanks to the OCMC and the OO crews for another fine event!! Already looking forward to next weeks double header. BTW, don’t forget to follow me on my Facebook page under Cecile Gambin Photography for current updates.

Elmo Rutnik looking sharp on the flip side of the table top.


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