‘Tis the season for engaging portraits

I love autumn. More specifically shooting at this time of the year makes for great family or individual portraits. It’s all about the colours and the soft light.

I was on a mission this past Thanksgiving weekend taking photos of my two boys. Primarily of my youngest as I realised that I had more photos of my eldest at the same age as my youngest right now. Amazing how two young bodies can keep you busy and before you know it they’ll be asking for the car keys and the only picture you have is of them sucking their thumb.

If you would like a portrait for your family or yourself for memories I would love to be given the opportunity to take the photos. Please feel free to contact me.

Les deux maringouins

I was originally supposed to be in Barrie, Ontario this morning but I had to cancel my trip last night. The idea was to visit my friend Gary so that I could take some pictures of myself and his bike for an upcoming ‘Traction’ article I am writing. Somehow, I ended up on Toronto’s best beach, with my two children, my mother and my camera.

It was a cool, sunny and blustery day. The waves were rolling in and the sand was wet under our feet. Quite a different feel compared to last week’s photo session with Dan’s kids. I called my mother in the early afternoon and asked her if she would be willing to help me keep an eye on the kids while I had my eye behind the camera. Conditions were perfect and I had to take advantage of it. I have been waiting a long time to take pictures of ‘mes deux maringouins’ (mosquito in Quebec as I affectionately call them) and was excited to finally have the opportunity.

When Luc first stepped onto the sand his head and eyes immediately went down. It was almost as if he was in a trance. Sand everywhere. He has seen sand but not this much and it was mesmerising. I focused my attention on him as I found it harder to take pictures of him. His brother Sebastien lends himself easier to the camera. Luc, on the other hand, is more evasive and quickly turns away or charges full steam ahead onto my lens. Today however, his head was down and he was not listening to any cues my mother or myself gave him. Luckily, the waves caught his attention. They also caught his shoes and by the time we left his feet and the bottom of his jeans were soaked. It was just plain fun to see him stomp on the water as it rolled in to greet his tiny feet.

On the flip side Sebastien was busy creating sand castles and sand art. It was fun watching them play and I consider myself so lucky having been able to record them with my camera. Too quickly though the sun lost power and my golden light was beginning to fade. I would soon need a flash to brighten up their faces. I decided to pack it in..already satisfied at the natural light pictures I was able to get.

Thanks to my mom for helping out and for my two beautiful children for being kids. I am super happy at the pictures I was able to get. When I look at the photos from today I see my children in all their splendour – happy, surprised or lost in deep thought…the pictures reflect their personalities. I will definitely be hanging up a few.


The 4M Family

Meet the M Family: Graydon 4, Twins Robbie and Callum 2, and Harrison 6 months. Last weekend I had the opportunity to, finally, take their pictures and what a hoot it was.

I met up with my friend Aija on the shores of Woodbine Beach Park. While waiting for her I took the opportunity to cruise around on my longboard. I figured I should get a bit of ride time in before I have to put the board away for winter. They don’t tend to ride too well on snow packed trails.

I chose this location as I had previously taken some pictures here and I knew it wouldn’t be crowded early on a Saturday morning. I wanted a monotone and quiet background where I could let the children play and be themselves. Once the beach scene was exhausted I also knew that I could fall back on a really cool playground scene.

I had asked Aija if she could dress her children appropriately for the weather but somehow making sure they were wearing similiar colours. She did not disappoint and I loved how the four of them were sporting the same colour of red, browns and beige. Perfect against the sand. I was not trying to re-create a summer photoshoot and found that entire scene lent itself really well for a late fall session.

My main challenge was trying to get a group picture of the children. Although the littlest one couldn’t yet move on his own the other three were perpetual movers. Especially, Robbie (or was it Callum – the other twin) who would consistently smile at me than quickly turn and run. I caught on fast though and anticipated. I managed to get quite a few pictures of him much to his unknowing.

I am really happy with the pictures I produced. Aija felt that I captured each child very well and was happy that I was able to show their individual sides. Really though, I must thank the children for that part. They played, and were naturals in front of the camera. Especially Graydon and Robbie. It is amazing to see how different the twins are from each other. But what amazed me the most is how much respect and love there was. Graydon, being the eldest, really showed support and respect for his younger brothers and I believed that just gets passed on down. I need to have my two hang around more with this family so they can pick up on their good habits.

I must admit though, Aija puts me to shame. I do not know where she finds the time or energy to get everyone ready for a walk in the park. The kicker is that she manages to do this by herself and take out the family’s two big dogs at the same time. She is one seriously organised mother!

If you have ever been around young children you know and understand that it can be downright challenging. Sometimes enough to make you pull out your hair and scream helter skelter. I really do not know how both Aija and Dan do it. Especially Aija (sorry Dan – you are good but Aija kicks your butt here and I have the upmost admiration for her). Nursing, constant diaper changes, running around, mediating, prepping food, food shopping, taking out the dogs, laundry (and there must be a ton as I know my two give me a ton), playing, being a doctor, sleepless nights, reading, teaching, arts & crafts, cleaning house, banking. The list goes on. One wonders…how do you do it? Kudos to the both of you. I know your parents both help out. Kudos to them too. You have a beautiful family.

Thanks for the opportunity Dan and Aija. It was a blast!