Cecile Gambin Photography ready for the 2013 Ontario Off-Road Season

Offroad Ontario Algonquin Trail Ride
Taking five at the Algonquin 2 day ride
Homage to Ice 2012
Whether at the races for fun or for competition it’s always great to be riding with buddies.

The 2013 Ontario Off-road riding season is soon upon us and personally I cannot wait! An opportunity to share good times with friends, ride a new trail and become one with the bike. I am also looking forward to riding the trails with my camera gear in tow searching for those perfect action shots. I have many plans this summer and,  hopefully, some good news to share in a few weeks. In the meantime, Cecile Gambin Photography will be out in full force this season at most of the off road and cycling events throughout our great province. So, don’t forget to ham it up when you see my lens and say ‘hello’!

Ojibway Art Show 2012

Matthew’s Bay is found in Pointe-au-Baril, Ontario. I took this picture in 2011 as I scouted around the area for photos to digitally paint over the winter in preparation for the 2012 Annual Art Show at the Ojibway Club, Pointe-au-Baril (PaB).

The show runs this weekend Friday-Sunday and features artists in and around the Georgian Bay, with a focus on PaB.

I have five new pieces showing this year. If you are in the area drop by. And don’t forget to introduce yourself. I’ll be hanging around a bit at the show and volunteering my time  on Sunday from 10am to noon. Hope to see you there!