Documentary Family Portraits

Hugs, tears, messes and giggles. Capturing magical moments for natural family portraits.


I’m a mother myself and my absolute favourite photos of my children are the ones when they aren’t looking and are busy going about their everyday lives. Candid shots – these are the type of images I prefer because they have more meaning and are brutally honest. To do this, I ‘shadow’ your family while you go about your daily routines. I will not ask you to pose, nor give you much direction. I am looking for those real photos that speak to me emotionally. Going skiing? Heading to the playground? Making a pancake breakfast? I will be there ready to take those action shots of your family in the moment.

Action Sports

I am an outdoor person and I’m not afraid of inclement weather. I love taking action photos of all sorts of activities that I am into: mountain bike, skiing, snow-boarding, off road riding, motocross, road, cyclocross, equestrian, hikes, backcountry etc. I use professional gear (camera, lenses, strobes) that can withstand cold, rain, dust and heat. And, no matter what the conditions I will be there. I am available for events, commissioned works, editorial and for taking photos to make you look like a rock star! Many of my photos have been published in national magazines, and blogs while others are currently hanging in work establishments across Canada.

Real Life. Real Photos. Real Time.

My animal portion of my website has been moved to Cool Cat Photography. I love furry friends so much that I gave them their own website!! I’ve uploaded a lot of new photos. Let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you!

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