2013 Algonquin 2 Day Ride Photo Report

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The 2 Day Algonquin Ride is best known for being a difficult trail ride and this year was no exception as the recent rains created numerous mud and water holes. Part of the KTM Trail Ride Series, The Algonquin, or The Madawaska Ride, features the best of Ontario from unforgiving Canadian Shield to flowy pine tree sections to endless water holes. A must-do ride that should be on everybody’s bucket list.

For event photos please click HERE and scroll down to the bottom to find the albums.

Beautiful blue skies prevailed Saturday treating the riders to spectacular views and stunning Ontario scenery as trails led past slabs of granite rick, lakes and rivers. Sunday was equally as beautiful. Sadly though, the rain began shortly after 6am and did not ease up until noon. I will admit to having thoughts of calling it a day and heading home early to celebrate Fathers Day but decided to stick it out. And, I am so glad that I did because some of my best photos were taken early Sunday morning. I thank all the riders for sticking it out on this cool, wet morning.

Haliburton Trail Riders put on an exceptional show. Typically Saturday is the hardest day with over 150 km of trail and access roads covered. Optional route lines allow beginner to expert riders to choose the trail of their choice with respect to their ability. Sunday is the easier of the two days with approximately 100 km of trails. Having said this, Sunday might be easier technically but it does not fall short on the beauty scale as riders are treated to quiet winding dirt roads and lush single track.

© Cecile Gambin Photography-2
Looking down the easy part of the first pink section on Saturday – the Extreme uphill rated at a 5/5. Lots of people trying – some made it and lots didn’t. Great entertainment for those watching below on the snowmobile bridge.
A huge shout out to all the volunteers for the countless hours they put in to get this trail ride ready in time. Rain or shine - it doesn't matter - they are working hard to showcase our beautiful trail system and wonderful sport.
A huge shout out to all the volunteers for the countless hours they put in to get this trail ride ready in time. Rain or shine – it doesn’t matter – they are working hard to showcase our beautiful trail system and wonderful sport.


Lots of wildlife to be seen. Found this moose wandering this swamp off Highway 127.
Lots of wildlife to be seen. Found this moose wandering this swamp off Highway 127.
Found this Snapping Turtle on the side of the dirt road early Sunday morning - apparently enjoying the rain showers more than me.
Found this Snapping Turtle on the side of the dirt road early Sunday morning – apparently enjoying the rain showers more than me.


Just one of the many demanding mud holes Saturday.
Just one of the many demanding mud holes Saturday.
Taking a break on this slippery off-camber, root infested hill made difficult by the rain.
Taking a break on this slippery off-camber, root infested hill made difficult by the rain.
© Cecile Gambin Photography-13
In driving rain only 14 km separate these riders from the finish line.
Hi Guys - Thanks for braving the weather and saying hello :)
Hi Guys – Thanks for braving the weather and saying hello 🙂
See you next year for another edition of this classic Ontario Trail Ride!
See you next year for another edition of this classic Ontario Trail Ride!



The Corduroy Enduro 2012 Photo Report

Welcome to the 59th edition of The Corduroy Enduro. For access to photo albums please click HERE.

Over 150 + riders from across the country gathered September 21-23 to race the country’s hardest off-road event. This years race was made even more special as one of the worlds top ‘Extreme Enduro’ athlete Chris Birch from New Zealand suited up and raced his first event in Canada. The Cord, as this race is affectionately called, is touted as Canada’s toughest race as riders slash it out over the picturesque but harsh, rocky, hilly and rooty trails of the Haliburton Highlands in eastern Ontario.

This event would not be possible without the help of countless volunteers. Club members from across the province came to help – LVDR, HORRA, TNT, BMA, HHTR, OCMC, SCORRA, ODSC, OFTR. A HUGE thank you again to Dave Wrack, Ed Strohak, Blair Sharpless, Dennis Lever, Ken Hoeverman, Kevin, Scott & Sue and many others for pointing me in the right direction. We all know my map reading abilities are astounding!!

A HUGE shout-out is also extended to Tracey Evans, her mom and her sisters for keeping the riders, volunteers and others well fed and, for making fresh mashed potatoes. Do you have any idea how long it took these women (and Dave Wrack) to hand peel potatoes with love for over 50 hungry racers for Saturday nights dinner? I can assure you…they all had arm pump at the end of the peeling marathon.

I hope you enjoy the photos that I have selected for my photo report. Comments are always appreciated and thank you for those of you who take the time to do so. There are many more photos available (please see the link above or click on the ‘Gallery’ tab). Because there were so many riders and my computer has been very unstable lately I have only uploaded a few photos from each area I went to. This also helps keep the album down to a more manageable viewing size. Please email me with your minute number, side plate number, description of the bike and clothing would also help. And while I did my best to try and take photos of everyone please understand that chasing around over 150 riders is not easy and I apologise in advance  if I was not able to get a photo of you.

Chris Birch, KTM/Red Bull/Comsol Bell Racing pro athlete aboard a KTM500 charging up fresh loamy dirt on Friday’s second test of the day at Scott and Sue’s place. Chris just came back from downhilling in Whistler, BC’s famous bike park and little did he know that a little bit of  the west coast greenery and mossy woods greeted him here.
All around nice guy Patrick Beaule, KTM/Aldo Racing/Flanny Media, using the Cord as a training ride for his upcoming Dakar 2013 race.
Yamaha backed rider, Brian Wojnarowski, staying on the throttle throughout the entire weekend finished the event in second place only five points behind a world class rider. Congrats on your awesome ride Wojo!
Shooting the breeze early Friday morning before the mandatory riders meeting.
As the saying goes…’a picture is worth a thousand words.’ You may interpret this pic as you like.
A rider at the MX1 grass track early Saturday morning under a light rain, or was it sun. Oh wait…it was both as temperatures, rain and sun changed regularly every 5 minutes. The Cord definitely tested my skills as a photographer with the ever changing light!
Birchy’s slight bobble in the rocks didn’t stop him as he swiftly and skillfully attacked the infamous Greens Mountain.
Scott Bowes choosing one of the many lines available on Greens Mountain.
There was carnage on Greens Mountain Saturday morning as racers took to the hill in the opposite direction of Fridays test. Spectators lend a hand to weary, tired and frustrated riders.
Saturday afternoon racers faces resembled this beautiful Styrofoam mannequin head – dirty with a wide-eyed ‘WTF did I just get myself into’ look?
Kevin Burnett from Rally Connex displayed his big Katoom with some nifty discoteque-ish lighting.
I am sure some racers were dreaming early Saturday night after an exhausting day of mud, sweat and tears. The Cord has a way of reducing a person’s ego to bits and pieces and many first timers need to know that and be reminded that many don’t complete this race on their first try.
Sunday morning saw the pros once again riding the pristine trails on Scott & Sues property.
I could spend all day here shooting at Scott & Sues. Found a really cool line that requires a seriously skilled rider. The landing could hurt a bit but it would make for a killer photo. Any takers?


An estimated 50 spectators lined the south side of the ‘Tunnel of Love’ silently waiting for riders to test their skill…and let’s face it…watch some carnage.
Knackered is the word that comes to my mind but I’m sure this rider thought of a more expletive word.
The normally quiet and reserved Wojo rocked the tunnel as he cleanly bounced around the rocks a few times looking for a pass in his quest to gain time on Chris Birch.
Rome Haloftis, Vet Expert winner, focused and railing another gorgeous Haliburton Highland forest just past the Tunnel of Love.
Birch captures the win and with it the top finisher for the 59th edition of The Corduroy Enduro. Congrats Chris!
The future of off road racing Zach Lewis always ready and riding in style at Sedwicks Quarry, Sunday afternoon. Zach finished second in his category and I believe the youngest finisher in the Cords history having just turned 16 a few months ago. Congrats!
Easy viewing for the last race of the weekend at Sedgwick’s Quarry.
‘Mad Mike’ Pflug showing off his collar bone post-Romaniac race.
Brian Wojnarowski giving thumbs up before the last Endurocross of the weekend.
A relaxed Chris Birch before the last test of day. Birch is one of the most humble and down-to-earth pros I have ever met and it is refreshing to see this in a top level athlete.


Ummm…this is no time for a nap Birchy! Despite the fall in the soft sand, Chris Birch comes back and pulls off a win at the spectator friendly EnduroX race Saturday afternoon.













SCORRA knows how to put on a fun day. In fact, I decided to do just that…have fun. Early this morning I loaded both my Gas Gas TXT 200 trials bike and my KTM 200. I also grabbed my camera gear but decided to take pictures with my fun camera – my iPad. It was afterall a ‘Fun Day’.

I started the day chatting with people I had not seen in a while as I slowly geared up and unloaded my bikes. SCORRA had it all: trails, MX track, trials area, and kids MX track. Honda and MotoHeadz were also on board with demo bikes. OFTR, Mission Cycle, the boys from St. Onge, and many others were also available to help out with suspension issues, and other great answers to questions.

I decided to hit the trials area first as I had not used my trials bike yet this year. And it showed. I plowed into the logs and got my bike over but not in a trials like way. It worked but it was not pretty and it showed my lack of clutch control. Next the A Frame. Well…I got hung up at the top. Three times. I looked around and spotted a very vertical teeter-totter. I can do that I thought to myself. I’ve done these many times on both my trials and mountain bikes. Done!

By this time Dave Butler had come out to give me some pointers on double gas blips. I tried but did not conquer and than left. Typical of my short attention span I decided to move onto something else and hit the trails. So, I parked the bike and hopped on the KTM. Gotta love a day when you can do that. Went out with my friend Gary Shackleton and rode the trails at RJ’s. Fun, fun and fun. But also, hard, hard and hard! Lots of deep ruts, exposed roots, rocks, braking and suspension bumps. After the trail session Gary and I hit the MX track. Loads of fun riding on a track and a completely different beast over woods riding. There used to be a double by the grandstand a few years ago. That was a fun one to jump but now they all seemed huge. Probably me shrinking. In any case, I decided to be mature and save myself from potential injury by keeping the wheels on the ground.

After lunch I decided to tackle the Williams track and I fell in love. Who ever designed these trails had woods bike in mind. Flow, flow and flow. That’s how I like my trails! Thanks to Jaime for hanging out with me for that ride.

Here are a few pictures from today. Again, my focus was on riding today. Not camera work. Sorry people but I have not ridden much this year and my bikes were calling for me. It felt to good to be back in the saddle and I know my legs will be sore tomorrow!

Huge thanks to SCORRA and there volunteers for a great event!

Waiting to ride. Pre-riders meetings.
Tracy from OFTR with the Zero bike. Never did get a chance to try it but those who did came back with huge smiles. Take-off is rocket like. Super fast!
It was good to catch up with The Jervais Family from MotorHeadz. Had not seen them since the purchase of my 2008 Gas Gas TXT200.
A collection of people images.
The teeter-totter. One of the few trials obstacles I actually did with some degree of trials control.
Crowds filling in.
Always fun to hang around with and a damn good rider…except during water crossings 🙂


Algonquin 2 Day: 26 years in the making.

The Algonquin 2 Day ride is as much as being with friends as it is enjoying the ride.

To view all Saturday and Sunday photos please click HERE. Note: not all photos have been uploaded. Please email if you need help finding yourself. And don’t forget to include a description of your bike, clothing or some other easily identifiable piece.

Twenty-six years ago the Algonquin 2 Day ride began it’s debut as an enduro. Over the years it has evolved into a well established 2 day ride earning a reputation as a ride not to miss. Settled in and around the Madawaska area, just east of Algonquin Park, the ride has the ability to take the most seasoned and skilled rider and reduce them to rubble. And, if you are lucky to survive the 2 days you have earned the right to brag and say ‘I have survived’.

Notorious for mud bogs, rocky uphills, water crossings, river crossings, beaver dams, bear and moose sightings, drowned bikes, mechanical failures, deer flies, long arduous mud infested climbs, and ‘hissy fits’ for the weak – the Algonquin 2 day ride will undoubtedly make you into a better rider…or, at the very least…a better field mechanic.

Navigating Sunday’s water crossing.


Even the most expert riders fall in. And if you don’t reconise this guy his initials are G.S. and now stand for ‘Gone Swimming’ 🙂
Perhaps troubled by a stalled bike, and almost witnessing the rider in front of him take a plunge, pro rider Kevin Cockayne decides to play it easy and walk across the river.
Taking five and chatting with friends with only 5 km’s left of Saturday’s 180 km route.
Tired, dirty, and hungry. Never mind the cops…check out the breath taking scenery.
Welcome to Algonquin riding. Scenic vistas, water, trees, rocks, mud, wild animals and much more.


Sweet flowing single track nestled among the pines. Betcha didn’t know Algonquin had trails that could rival the best of the Ganaraska in Southern Ontario.
Half way through Saturday’s ride and still smiling! BTW, Ted you rock the red!!
Riding the hydro lines ready to pick up a pink arrow into the areas best singletrack.
Having fun and making the best of a mechanical.


Typical Algonquin rocky terrain.
Nature calls. It happens. Just know that if you go pee beside a photog you may get your picture taken 🙂


Riding a rail trail.
Entering a cedar and pine tree forest. Day one. Kilometer 5.
Kicking up some dust and keeping up the speed.
A much welcomed lunch break complete with smiles, bloody faces and a bbq lunch!
Ummm…put the tire back on, than the chain. Fixing a flat during lunch.


At the end of the day – nothing better than chillaxin’ with the feet up after a quick dip in the river, and reminiscing about the days adventures.
And of course, no campsite would be complete without Bubba Gump’s rockin’ trailer. Kickass sound system and rockin’ tunes!!

Not only is the Algonquin a must do event – it’s one of those rides that make life long friendships as people team up to help each other in difficult terrain. Thanks to Paul and Kirk Holden, and the numerous volunteers for hosting this years event. Not only were the trails a blast to ride, the apres-ride activities, bbq’s, river dipping and good times with friends make for an unforgettable ride.

**To view all Saturday and Sunday photos please click HERE and please note tjat not all photos have been uploaded (there are lots). Please email if you need help finding yourself. And don’t forget to include a description of your bike, clothing or some other easily identifiable piece to help me find you easilier.