Rocking the Scene with a Mom and Daughter Team

© Cecile Gambin PhotographyIt was a mad dash to get from one location to the other before the sun faded but we did it!

After showing my client two very different and distinct backgrounds in West Vancouver we decided to go for it and hold the photo session in two separate locations one right after the other. This mother and daughter team rocked the scene with contagious laughter and smiles.

So why would I attempt to photograph them in two locations? Because I knew that both areas would suit them so why not give them the best of both worlds. Plus, there’s something special about Lighthouse Park and Whytecliff Park and their ability to put us all in a calm, serene, and content state. One is known for its edgy, craggy, sharp rocks and the other for it’s smooth, round ones.

The afternoon started at Lighthouse Park and as usual both offered spectacular backdrops. As the late November afternoon slipped away we made our way to Whytecliff and got really lucky as the sun dropped, first turning yellow, than orange and finally that sought after crimson. The colours were simply insane! It was worth staying late.

Let’s talk. If you like my style and you feel I am the photographer for you…send me an email and let’s plan something cool!!

© Cecile Gambin Photography



© Cecile Gambin Photography


From Christmas to Fitness Photo Sessions

Image-1© Cecile Gambin PhotographyIt’s been a whirlwind month taking photos of families for the holiday season as well a photo session for a fitness enthusiast entering a contest.

Finally being able to set up my studio after our move across the country last year I am now back in full business and loving it!

Cecile Gambin Photography is a full one stop shop with the ability to shoot indoors or outdoors specialising in action, and portraits for families, individuals and even pets. Whether it’s a day on your mountain bike or motorcycle shredding the gnar or a not-so formal photo of your beautiful family please consider me as your photographer. I encourage you to look at my portfolio for action HERE and for Life Style portraits HERE. And if you like my style please contact me using the contact page on my website.

Here are a few more photos of my recent photo shoots from this month.

© Cecile Gambin Photography



2013 Family Christmas Photo

© Cecile Gambin PhotographyFinally had a bit of time this past weekend to take the annual Christmas photo. Unlike other years, we had time working against us as the late afternoon light was quickly fading.

Luck was on my side though as a sliver of sun poked through the low hanging clouds. I had set up my flash, put the family beside a big, moss covered cedar tree (or was it a Douglas Fir?) looked over my shoulder and saw a shaft of light hitting another tree. I must have had a look of panic as my husband understood to grab the kids and shuffle them over – which is easier said than done as our youngest decided he wanted to run…away. While David was busy wrangling in the kids and tying the dog back up I changed my camera settings to allow as much ambient as possible.

I really like this photo of us as it completely represents us. Luc had me in a choke hold and was yanking backwards almost choking me, while David my husband was trying to hold him from doing so. Sebastien in his typical self was being a ham. By the time the timer counted down we were all laughing and ‘click’. Perfect shot with amazing side lighting. I had one flash on camera used as a fill in.

© Cecile Gambin PhotographyAfter the shoot, we walked around a bit. The sun had gone back behind the low lying clouds and darkness was quick to come. On our way back to the car I came across an incredibly textured wall and just told the kids to go stand there. I didn’t think there were just going to stand there and pause which is fine by me because these are the best photos IMO.

Merry Christmas everybody and safe stay during the holiday season!!!

Family Fun Five times over

A morning with 3 very active young children is one of the best ways to spend a late fall morning.

It was indeed a crisp, clean and to the point kind of day as temps hovered slightly above zero. My trigger finger was not too happy at times but seeing these three kids with perpetual energy keep me on my toes. And that alone, kept me warm.

Although most of the leaves have fallen there are still plenty of photo ops to be had at this time of the year. In fact, the muted colours, and often barren landscapes of November can make for a simple and elegant backdrop allowing the focus to be on the main subject of the photos – the family.

Should you be interested in a family portrait please contact me for more information.

Zacharie, Luke and Oliver taking a short time out under a mature maple tree whose leaves were, surprisingly, still on after Hurricane Sandy’s wind storm that recently swept through the city.
Younger brother vs Older brother in a friendly head to head foot race.
I just love this picture of Oliver. Three year olds at their best!
I am a mother of two myself and why is it when dads are around we become second fiddle? Just know that if it wasn’t for moms the world would be a lot more chaotic.