Beach Yoga

Just wrapped up a photoshoot with ‘mi amiga Mexicana’ Miriam at the Beach a few days ago. Glad we were by the water too as it was already a balmy 28C with a humidex hovering around 35C by 9:00 am!! Chose to go towards Ash Bridges Beach as they have the best sand in the city and also for their lack of breakwaters (didn’t want those in my pictures). I am glad to have chosen this site however was taken aback by how dirty the area was. I don’t understand why people throw garbage – why can’t you pack it up and throw it in a bin!!! I understand seagulls will take out some food laden garbage but not usually dirty diapers (yes, we found one). Ugh!!

Anyways, shoot was successfull and I accomplished what I had wanted – to take calm, relaxing pictures of Miriam by the water with an exercise ball. What I had not planned for was the direction of the sun. We got there early morning to take advantage of the nice light but I thought the sun was going to be a wee bit more to my left and not so much over the water. Well, that changed my game plan a bit and once at home I decided to process the pictures in BW (and a few with a paler colour scheme) as there wasn’t much colour. Personally this worked in my favour and I am really happy with the results!!! Also, I love the use of negative space (i’m a sucker for that) and hope you get why I used it. Check out my Picasa link for the full set!

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