Happy New Year!!!

Ok…figured out the LR problem. Still don’t know why program wouldn’t let me import but it works again so I won’t question it! Thanks to my husband (again) for helping me with this issue. Did I ever mention he’s the BEST photographers assistant EVER?!?

Also, got my new monitor up and running and LOVING it!! The colours are so vivid and I’m loving the wide screen! Been playing around with a picture from the summer. Just love the colours. I’m hoping you can see how vibrant this photo is. It’s going into my Georgian Bay series and is classified as ‘Photo Art’  (digitally painted on original pictures).

Finally, I’ve got a few bugs to work out on my website’s Purchase page (I just found out about them).  I will get the issues sorted out ASAP. If you are thinking about ordering just contact me first via email before purchasing.

That’s all for now. Another late night but life is GOOD!!

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