Les belles Pyrenees

I’m hoping to find some more beautiful pictures of ‘Les belles Pyrenees’. I’m also hoping to be able to get out for lots of road rides and hikes. I know I’ll need it as I just LOVE all the yummy cheeses and full fat yogurt! And my husband won’t be here to tell me to stop eating (not that he does)!!

For those who don’t know these mountains are special to me as it’s where 90% of my relatives live, as well as my parents. They separate France from Spain and they are incredibly beautiful. A perfect day is hiking up to a peak, having a ‘casse-croute’ of French bread, saucisson, cheese and water. I’m hoping to see some snow this year as last year it had all melted (September visit). I’m also really hoping to be able to go up ‘La Mongie’ which is an HC climb in the Tour de France. Well see if my fitness allows me to. I’ve been working hard at it but it’s hard getting out for rides with 2 wee ones. So maybe I’ll cheat and start from the bottom of the hill instead of my parents which would be a 120+ km ride. Maybe in a few years I’ll be able to tackle that ride again.

I’ll be posting regular updates on my Facebook Page. Do a search under Cecile Gambin Photography to find me. I’m sure there’s a way to link the page into this blog but for now I really should finish packing. We have to leave extra early because Air Canada is on strike, and Air France is also on strike (maintenance workers). Yay.

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