‘Mid-Summers Dream’ Report via eRag ‘Traction’ Off-road Magazine



Traction is a superbly put-together magazine specialising in dirt and off-road bikes! I’m stoked to be able to contribute monthly with articles and pictures that I feel are interesting and relevant!! I invite you to subscribe (it’s FREE) and follow my colum ‘Wide Open’.

I do feel a bit sheepish though because I kinda neglected my photographic duties the day of the event as I was also riding. And I was having sooooo much fun that I didn’t bring all my camera gear with me. Probably just as well because I was riding hard and I did a stupid fall – never good for camera equipment no matter how good my backpack is (Lowepro DryZone). You have to understand it’s not often that I get the ENTIRE day off from being a full-time mom and I hadn’t ridden my KTM 200 in over a year!

So check out the magazine. Navigating is super easy. Just find the arrows on the side of the page to turn the pages!!  My article is on pages 53-54 and you’ll find my photos all across the magazine labeled ‘Mid-Summers Dream’.

I hope you’ll take the time and follow my column on a monthly basis. I’ll be writing about quite a few topics hence my title ‘Wide Open’.

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