2 Day Algonquin

Heading out this Friday for the 2 Day Algonquin. I have been a participant numerous times, a pre-rider, led a children’s ride and even a women’s ride. I even had a ‘hissyfit’ (just ask my husband David) one year as my new bike was being pounded and I put yet another new dent in the pipe.

This year though I will be returning to the 2 day Algonquin not as one of the above but as a photographer. Which will be both fun and challenging at the same time. I must remember to bring my ‘bear bell’ as I am sure one is going to find his way near me as I sit silently in the bush waiting for riders. Or, perhaps a moose. That actually happened once…where a young bull moose jumped out of the woods right in front of me on the trail. Scared the beezebies out of me. Dang thing wouldn’t move out of the way either. It just kept galloping down the road for about 1 km not at scared by my Gas Gas 200 TXT trials bike. I guess I really did not look that intimidating.

I am hoping to capture the beauty of this ride and why it is both popular and difficult. When people decide to skip races to attend this event it tells you something. My goal is to create images that are compelling and able to bring a story to the table because that’s exactly what I am out for this weekend…material for my photographic book.

So, if you need to get a hold of me…I will be back late Sunday night. I will not have internet access, or email for that matter as I am on the ‘down-low’ plan.


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