Family Fun Five times over

A morning with 3 very active young children is one of the best ways to spend a late fall morning.

It was indeed a crisp, clean and to the point kind of day as temps hovered slightly above zero. My trigger finger was not too happy at times but seeing these three kids with perpetual energy keep me on my toes. And that alone, kept me warm.

Although most of the leaves have fallen there are still plenty of photo ops to be had at this time of the year. In fact, the muted colours, and often barren landscapes of November can make for a simple and elegant backdrop allowing the focus to be on the main subject of the photos – the family.

Should you be interested in a family portrait please contact me for more information.

Zacharie, Luke and Oliver taking a short time out under a mature maple tree whose leaves were, surprisingly, still on after Hurricane Sandy’s wind storm that recently swept through the city.
Younger brother vs Older brother in a friendly head to head foot race.
I just love this picture of Oliver. Three year olds at their best!
I am a mother of two myself and why is it when dads are around we become second fiddle? Just know that if it wasn’t for moms the world would be a lot more chaotic.


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