Drummer Boy featured in The Globe & Mail

Drummer BoySebastien hard at work and hamming it up in his usual 5 year old fashion.

Thanks to his patience (which was rapidly declining) I managed to snag this photo of him in the last few weeks of December 2012. Typical of him he was hamming it up on the drum kit and as usual being a ‘ham’ doing so.

The Globe & Mail newspaper published this image on January 28, 2013 in the LifeStyle section as part of the Globes camera clubs’ call-out for portraits.

Needless to say my little drummer boy was super excited to see his photo published in a newspaper and a prestigious one at that! As for me…I’ve been smiling all day, and the effort that I went through setting up 3 lights, a muslin background and rearranging our basement furniture to accommodate the shoot was worth it. It was great seeing my big little man smile this morning and having both sets of grandparents call in complete surprise 🙂

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