2013 Beagle Bash Enduro & Trail Ride Photo Report

Josh Long Pro Class WinnerThe off-road season in Ontario has now officially started with the completion of the 2013 Beagle Bash Enduro and Trail Ride. Click here to view PHOTOS of this fun annual LVDR event.

Despite the cool temps over 100 eager off-roaders drove to beautiful Norfolk-Haldimand counties to find hidden forests teeming with sweet single track. As for me…the bright sunny blue skies were no match for my new almighty flash that I purchased this winter. Yes…I sold my Suzuki 2002 GS500 and bought a flash and with the money left over I was happy to be able to contribute to the household income by putting dinner on the table for a few nights! I realised I do not have the time to ride my road bike with two young children and if I do have the time I would rather it be on the dirt. I am a dirty chick through and through 😉

Thanks to Doug Kent of the Lynn Valley Dirt Riders club I was able to pre-ride part of the course the day before in an effort to better plan my day for the big event. Although my KTM 200 did not like the 1C, flying snow and high winds we had on Saturday (nor me for that matter), we were liking the flowing trails and tacky soil. Sadly though, as much as I tried to plan for taking photos of all rider, I was not able to due to the different starting times and options on the course. To those riders that I missed I apologise. I do my best to plan my routes efficiently but sometimes, logistically, I just cannot be in two places at once.

For the 2013 year CGP will be on hand at most Ontario Off-Road events (trail rides, enduros and XC) in an effort to record the fun times and great trails that are available throughout our province. Thanks to all the LVDR riders, and countless other volunteers who selfishly donate their time to bring great events. I would also like to personally take this time to thank Mike Van Hove for his assistance Saturday. As always, if you purchase a photo I thank you in advance as this helps me get to the next event.

The Beagle Bash was a great kick off to this years riding season. Let the fun begin. Braaaap!

Guido Knieling

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