Chasing the Mist with Karley

© Cecile Gambin PhotographyMy original plan was to go deep into the woods and grab some shots of Karley Cunningham of Big Bold Brand shredding the trails. Instead when I saw clear blue skies dotted with dense fog I realised that capturing Karley ride down a rock face would have to wait. Instead…we drove up a mountain road in search of mist.

Soon enough we stopped at a trail head which I didn’t know existed and thus had no idea what to expect. But the light and conditions were epic – and that was good enough for me. Shooting in the dancing mist however quickly became one of my most difficult shoots as the light and mist were constantly changing, dancing if you will, forcing me to re-adjust my camera and flash continuously. And by this I mean by every 2-10 seconds. I’d bang off a couple of shots and mist would roll out only to have it come back in again but heavier. I must thank Elise, Karley’s wife, and my assistant for the day for being there and helping me. She was my live tripod and sherpa which made moving around very easy. Thanks Elise!! Much appreciated 🙂

The photo above is is my favourite shot of Karley. The light and the forest greens were magical. The purpose of the photo shoot was to have pictures for a new website thus a variety of images were necessary leaving area for type, and getting a variety of tight and loose shots as well as portraits and action shots showcasing the North Shore’s tremendous beauty and technical riding areas.

© Cecile Gambin Photography

Once the fog lifted for good Karley, Elise and myself headed up the mountain and into the blue skies to bang off a few more shots. I’m looking forward to continuing our photo shoot as I still need Karley to ride that steep rock face and huck off one of the shores infamous drops so I can get those ‘live wire’ action shots. Thank you to Karley for this amazing opportunity. Had tons of fun chasing the mist and looking forward to our next outing!!© Cecile Gambin Photography

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