Real photos for a Real Family

© Cecile Gambin PhotographyThis past long weekend I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful family that is not unlike my own. Where real issues live on and aren’t contained within the walls of the family house. It’s the funny faces kids make, the pouts and temper tantrums, or the loveable smiles when you least expect it. It’s when kids decide to jump instead of sit and be themselves that create priceless photos that I cherish and are to me priceless. Real family issues for real photos – these are the images that will bring back a flood of good or bad memories.

It all started innocently enough with my studio lights frazzling this young girl which was quickly followed by the older brothers decision to yank her poor head back to see what would happen. With two boys and a girl an abundance of energy, curiosity, and excitement flowed through the studio. But it was all good because the expressions and the dynamics came alive and within 20 minutes the smiles, the tears, the frazzled looks, the ‘I’m bored’ and the ‘I want to jump on daddy’ looks give a wealth of emotion to the photos helping parents remember those special times that really weren’t so long ago.

And yes, time does fly by and what better way to capture it through real photos of your real family. Nothing hidden, nothing fake…just raw expression. There are times as a parent when you may be completely frazzled but in 10 years you will look back and laugh and maybe even cry. Your children are silly, fun and honest and parents witness that everyday through the multitude of actions, and facial expressions. Cherish these special moments.

© Cecile Gambin Photography


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