The Women of Crankworx 2016

© Cecile Gambin Photography

My focus at Crankworx Whistler was to bring light to all the girls and women out there ‘sending it’.

For some the term ‘sending it’ referred to hitting the big 70ft Crabapple jump and whipping it good. For others, it mean giving it their all for that one race.

But, in the big scheme of things ‘sending it’ is a shout-out to all the girls and women riders who were there to visit, to ride, to compete, to throw it down, to laugh and to have fun.

Keep an eye open for the Autumn issue of ‘Mountain Bike For Her’ with special articles and photos of Crankworx Whistler.

Cheers to the Women of Crankworx 2016!

© Cecile Gambin Photography
Ahead of the crowd during the children’s Criterium by the Olympic Village.
CGP 2016-32
Kathi Kuypers, of Trek Gravity Girls, was the only women rider competing in the Dual Slope Speed and Style.
CGP 2016-11
Tara Llanes ripping it up on A-Line about to grab some air during the Air Fox DH.
CGP 2016-16
Haley Smith of Norco Factory Racing bringing in the gold during the XC race held at Blackcomb.

© Cecile Gambin Photography

© Cecile Gambin Photography
Lalena Desautels transitioning from the medium jump line to the large jump line.
© Cecile Gambin Photography
Jonna Johnsen riding for Corsair Bikes in the right lane of the Dual Slalom.
Jill Kintner, Queen of the Mountain, racking up another win.
Jill Kintner, Queen of the Mountain, racking up another win.

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