Following the Udovics at Big White

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the Udovic family at Big White ski resort in BC, Canada. Following this family required me to be my best in moguls, narrow runs and all types of weather conditions as we endured fog, rain, icy conditions, wind and finally sun.

My focus was to get a few group photos of the family with the intention that they could print one to hang on a wall in their home. As well, as getting a few shots of the family in action.

Aside from a (few) bathroom breaks this family can SHRED!!! It was awesome to see both the almost 5 and 7 year olds rip down the hill with steeze and control. So good to see!!

Thanks to the Udovics for a great time on the slopes!! If you and your family would like photos of your family in action – ski, mountain bike, hike, snowshoe etc. – drop me a line. I would love to document your family’s adventure, vacation or day.


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