Outlaw Run and Reprobates!

At Traction eRag we don’t do things the normal way. We meet strange characters, do strange things, are largely unprincipled and, generally have lots of fun. That’s why we’re called reprobates.

Traction’s latest adventure was The Outlaw Run which took riders from the four corners of the world to Kamloops, BC. I was fortunate enough to ride with the group from the third week. I saw old friends from a previous Traction adventure – Woods Runners – and, made new friends. And, the riding…first class just like the meals. We rode alpine to desert trails. Fast and flowy to tech and sketch with lots of support in between. Can’t wait for next years adventure!

Please visit my gallery for photos. Also, if you are interested in a book let me know. I can customize one for you. Email me for details.

Here are the links to the photos:

Tuesday, September 17: https://order.cecilegambin.com/p460559921

Wednesday, September 18: https://order.cecilegambin.com/p982477647

Thank you!!

Riding up to 8700 feet my weapon of choice was my 2007 Gas Gas TXT Pro for it’s light-weight, nimbleness and ease of riding up and over these boulders with my load.
It was cold. And, at one point we had sideways snow. The weather conditions added to the dramatic, and stark beauty of the alpine.
And, this is why I carry a big, heavy backpack full of camera gear. It’s for photos like this. A perfect day for me is riding, taking photos and being with friends. Bliss. Rider: Kevan Bernards

2 thoughts on “Outlaw Run and Reprobates!

  1. Hi Cecile,
    I finally got a chance to mark the photos but I didn’t see the one above with you and the sun glasses. I hopefully will be getting the photos I took to you tomorrow night. Wow after seeing these photos I am retiring the Sherco outfit, sorry Ryan Young I am not advertising for ShercoUSA anymore. Dallas didn’t get me an Outlaw Run jersey until the end.

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