I Shot a Roadie

© Cecile Gambin Photography

Meet Zayne Heyes. He’s just turned nineteen and his future is bright with cycling. Formerly a XC ski racer, Zayne turned his attention to cycling only a few months ago in October 2013. Pumped with passion and his dislike for waxing skis Zayne has found that both track and road cycling fuel his competitive spirit and need to excel.

Quickly working his way up the ranks at the Burnaby Velodrome Zayne spends time riding both his road and track bikes to push him ahead of his competitors. He is coached and races for TaG – former cycling Olympians Leslie Tomlinson and Gina Grain.

I was stoked to set up the studio for Zane because I had never shot a roadie before! Hahaha…spoken like a true mountain biker and a downhiller at that! Jokes aside though it was a treat to photograph Zayne – his enthusiasm and ability to listen to directions made my job easy. Plus, he’s got a wicked carbon fiber bike and matching weave on his TaG jersey. At first I had thought about doing some black & white work but after seeing the bike and jersey combo I knew instantly the look I was after. My goal for the photoshoot was to give Zayne ample photos to use for potential sponsors.

I am really happy with how the photo shoot turned out. Next up are a few action shots of Zayne in the velodrome. I will be honest though…being in a velodrome scares me because I know I will want to try riding a track bike and I know I will want to pursue it. Which scares me because then I will have to buy a bike and some how I know my husband will give me an evil look. But my answer to that is ‘what’s another bike in the mix…you can never have too many!’

Ride on!!!



© Cecile Gambin Photography


Congratulations Shelagh D. Grant – 2011 Lionel Gelber Winner!!!

Polar-Imperative by Shelagh Grant Congratulations to my mother-in-law, Shelagh Grant, for winning the 2011 Lionel Gelber Award for her book on the Arctic!!! Not only is she the first Canadian women to receive the prize, she is also Canada’s leading authority on Arctic history www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/March2011/01/c6890.html.

Her publisher writes ‘Polar Imperative is a thought-provoking challenge to all readers to consider what is needed to adapt existing sovereign rights to current realities while protecting the fragile Arctic environment from irreparable damage’. Her book ‘Polar Imperative: A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America is an overview of the attempts by many countries to claim sovereign rights over the polar regions of North America. Which leads us to ask the question…Does Canada Own It’s  Arctic???

I can’t tell you how proud David (her son) and I are of her. Shelagh…you put in some serious hours, travelled far and researched extensively… and it was worth it! If you wish to understand the past and the future of our Arctic I urge you to read her book Polar Imperative: A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America published by Douglas & McIntyre.

Please visit www.shelaghgrant.com for more information on Polar Imperative and her other published books and articles!!

Congratulations again!!! We are  sooooo proud of you!!