Humbercrest Nursery School Christmas Party 2012

The Magic of ChristmasThe Magic of Christmas began at Humbercrest Nursery School this past week.

After a last minute change due to unforeseen circumstances, the children were treated to a magical day beautifully organised by our wonderful Doris.

There were cookies and crafts, music and laughter. The real treat though was a chance to speak with Mrs. Claus and a visit from the big man in red himself.

The fire drill Wednesday afternoon was indeed an unforeseen event. Needless to say Santa was a big hit with all the King George students as he walked out onto the field with our precious pyjama-clad babies.

Please click HERE to see the photos of your child (don’t forget to enter the password that was emailed to you). Each child will receive a print(s) of their exciting day the first week back in school. However, please feel free to download photos of your child. The Christmas Committee would like to thank all volunteer parents, Santa Bill and Doris for a wonderful ‘in-class’ party. Have a safe holiday, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


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