Getting Schooled with Trail Tours, OCMC and ODSC

Aaron practicing at Trail Tours.
Aaron practicing at Trail Tours.

It was a busy day at the Ganaraska Forest as OCMC, ODSC and Trail Tours held three different schools on May 11, 2013. CGP was on hand to catch the action for all three groups.

All event photos can be found HERE. Click on the 2013 album and find the appropriate album according to your instructor.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to ride a bike and don’t have the equipment you owe it to yourself to check out Trail Tours. Steve Weycamp, owner, and his staff offer excellent instruction catered to the beginner right up to the seasoned rider looking for tips on how to become a more efficient and faster rider. This weekend, Trail Tours hosted ODSC as well as their own group for on-hand riding clinics.

OCMC Enduro School Rider, James, learning the secrets to riding like a pro.
OCMC Enduro School Rider, James, learning the secrets to riding like a pro.

OCMC also offered a clinic geared towards the enduro rider. Brian Wojonarowski, John Head and Blair Sharpless led riders through various skills teaching the finer points of riding enduros with the ultimate goal of becoming a faster competitor. This was a perfect lead into Sundays Mini Pine, an 85 km enduro and second race of Offroad Ontario’s Provincial Championship Enduro Series.

Eager Trail Tour Riders waiting for instruction and their Honda ride.

As for CGP, well I ended up racing the Mini-Pine as I realised I forgot a key component to my flash as I was driving along the 401 Sunday morning. In reality I could have taken photos without the flash but I knew we’d be deep in the woods and really wanted the colours to pop. And, frankly, I don’t do half-a$$ jobs so if I’m going to do something I do it right. Making my decision to race an easy one. And boy, did I have fun!! Plus, my friends, and fellow off-road instructors Jamie Kowitz, Tammie Wilson and Allison Grummet were there in full action. These ladies can shred!

Kudos to the Offroad Ontario and OCMC crew for putting together a great race. I believe over 200 riders came out regardless of the wacky weather and were greeted by lots of rocks, roots and whoops. Fun stuff! Although I will admit that my triceps are sore from the deep whoops.

Photo Credit: Mark. Mini Pine 2013 Ladies A – Tammie, Cecile, Jaime

Next up is the first XC race of the season in Colborne, Ontario. Check out NTR’s website for more race information. CGP will be on hand with camera this time so clean that bike and gear and smile for the camera!

The Great Pine Enduro

All pictures for The Great Pine are up on my Flickr site. Click here. You’ll also find pictures from The Corduroy Enduro 2011 there as well but in a different album.

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Kudos to all participants for a ride well done and to OCMC and all of its volunteers for putting on a great event.