Dirt Biking in Vedder Mountain, BC

© Cecile GambinFor Vedder or for worse I went riding today. Ok…bad pun. This past weekends riding destination was at Vedder Mountain near Chilliwack, BC.

The day started early with a 5:30 am wake up call to pick a long time mountain bike friend, Karley Cunningham. I had not seen her in over 10 years. Thankfully I packed the night before so I was out the door in 20 minutes. From her place we picked up her friend, Cynthia. From there it was a short drive to the local UHaul to pick up a trailer and finally a quick stop at the storage center to get their rigs – a Yamaha 125 and a Honda CRF150. I used my KTM200 this time around and felt like a fish out of water! After two weeks of riding the trials bike and my mountain bike, the KTM felt really heavy and sluggish. No wonder my upper body is lightly sore today.

© Cecile GambinI found single track reminiscent of Ontario at Vedder Mountain albeit with a few more roots and killer vistas. From what I understand the umbrella group Vedder Mountain Trails Association oversees several mutli-user groups (horse, hikers, mountain bikers, and ATV’s), including the Cascade Offroad Motorcycle Club. All groups work together and have been doing a fantastic job of maintaining over 90 trails covering over 200 km of fire roads, double and single track combined!! It is great to see all sport groups functioning as a whole and creating a safe, and fun environment for all.

Vedder Mtn-5Cynthia decided to almost go for a swim on her Honda (it was a good save!) and the only injury was water in her boot. You got lucky girl! Next time, slow down before entering an unknown water hole, scan the area and look for other riders tracks.

Cynthia, notice the tire tracks to the right of the puddle. LOL!
Cynthia, notice the tire tracks to the right of the puddle. LOL!
© Cecile Gambin
Slosh. All meant in good fun. I’m sure many of my friends can tell you stories of me watering out again, and again, and again.

As for me…no injuries this time. The only casualty was my KTM kickstand. Broke in the parking lot!! The only positive about this is that my bike is now a few pounds less.

Randy on his rare ‘Ivan Cervantes’ Gas Gas. Nice bike…wish I could have tried it.

We ran into Randy who was a real sweetheart. Basically showing us the way as none of us had ever ridden there. And, if you know me I’m lousy with directions so it was always nice to know that Randy was somewhere close by ready to redirect us. Have to love dirtbikers – they are such a friendly bunch. There are not too many other sport groups that have this type of camaderie. One of the reasons I love this sport so much – no one will leave you to hang dry!

© Cecile Gambin

Thanks for the great day Karley and Cynthia, Cascade Off-Road Motorcycle Club, and to Vedder Mountain Trails Assoc. Next week…I’m off riding with Kellee Irwin. I don’t know where she’s taking me but I know it’ll be some more fun.