Victoria’s 100

Pictures for Substance Projects Victoria’s 100 mountain bike event are now posted on

In the meantime here are a few teasers. Sorry for the large watermark but I’ve had a few people lifting my pictures without permission. Thanks for your patience and understanding!!

Thanks Dan for what I consider to be a top notch event! Very well organised, managed and an amazing loop!

Log onto to view pictures and please email me either through this website or through Flickr with your plate number and race start. Pictures on Flickr site have been compressed. Purchased pictures will be high resolution and corrected for colour, exposure etc.

Downloads & Prints Print& Media  Cost ** Shipping & Handling
Download all your images (High Res. 3200 x 2300) $45.00 n/a
Download 1 image (3200 x 2100) $12.00 n/a
4×6 * $8.00 $5.00
5×7 * $10.00
8×10 * $15.00
8×12 * $20.00 $8.00
10×15 * $30.00 $10.00


* Printed on Glossy paper using Professional Kodak Paper. A print size that is not a  2:3 ratio will be cropped. Larger print sizes available upon request.

** Shipping & Handling costs will only be charged once up to a maximum of 10 pictures. Example, 2 pictures 4×6, 4 at 5×7, 1 at 8×12 = S&H of $8.00.

Payment through PayPal using my name Cecile Gambin and email address. Thank You!