Going Wild at the Zoo

Went to the Toronto Zoo this past Sunday and in between the rain, snowstorms, hail and wind I came across this really cute polar bear!!! I think though the Arctic Wolves in the pen across from him are a bad influence! What do you think?

I had one lens with me that day. I call her ‘Big Bertha’. This is my biggest lens (80-400mm, f4.5) and I LOVE shooting with it (but secretely I would REALLY love the faster version). Anyways, I realised after my first few pictures that I really should pick up a mono-pod or start carrying my tripod with me. It was hard holding this lens full on 400 mm wide open with the wind. I found myself bracing on fences, rocks and whatever else I could to stabilise it. VR was on too!And it’s not like I didn’t have the room as I had the double ‘Chariot’ with Luc sleeping quietly inside. I could have easily put the tripod in beside him 🙂

For the most part I shot with ISO anywhere between 250-640 but had to really bump it up inside the Gorilla Pavillon. And that’s where the D90 with the 400 mm with ISO bumped up to 2000 doesn’t do too well. Very grainy. But what did I expect? At least I got a few good shots outside so I was happy with my day.


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