Iridescently Beautiful

Went to the zoo again today. Let my two young sons play in the kids area (digging for dino bones in the biggest sandbox ever) for a while before we had lunch. Had a horrible lunch (note to self: don’t buy any more french fries as they lace them with garlic salt. ugh!).

Anyways, after lunch we were walking towards the gorilla area when Mr. Peacock walked up to us and squawked very loudly scaring my eldest! After reassuring him that the peacock wasn’t going to hurt him we made our way into the gorilla exhibit – but apparently it was siesta time as most were sleeping. I would have joined them too as i was getting sleepy myself.

On our way out we saw Mr. Peacock again, this time though he opened up his feathers and didn’t squawk at as. He did squawk but probably in response to the other peacock who squawked just a few seconds before. I think this is the 2nd time I’ve ever seen a peacock in full ‘bloom’ (excuse my ignorance i’m sure ‘bloom’ isn’t the right word). I marvel at the the artistry behind Mother Nature’s beautiful and extraordinary creations. Just look at the plummage…stunning blues, vivid greens. And the patterns – which serve a purpose themselves! I LOVE her work!!! I can only hope she would be happy with my square crop (which I chose because I liked how the eye swivels around from the feathers to the eye and finally back to the feathers and out in a upper right-hand direction. Yet…the eye never really wanders out of the picture…it just seems to stay in and repeats the pattern again. Well at least my does everytime I view this post late at night 🙂

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