Rocket Lal Shred the Photo Shoot

© Cecile Gambin PhotographyRocket Lal is synonymous with perpetual smiles during rides and photo shoots. Even after a few hours in front of the lens, Lalena Desautels, still pumped out great energy by the end of the day.

I know Lalena is very proud of her new bike and she should be. Her 2014 Transition Covert is a one very light, capable machine with killer looks. She took the time to build it up with some sweet bling. Hopefully, in the future she’ll let me take it out for a rip in the local hills.

The focus of the shoot was to get some photos of her bike before it gets that’ worn in’ look from an ace rider. I’ll save the mud and scratches for a future shoot with her shredding the trails. Looking forward to that day because I know Lal can ride with the best of them and style it like no other women rider can. Her junior days on the Canadian National Downhill team may have been a while ago but time has only made her a more skilled and finesseful rider. Plus, she’s just plain fun to hang around with!

So while we were concentrating on bike shots I couldn’t help but notice Lal’s multifaceted personality – from a sweet little girl to a strong, and confident woman who can ride and shred a photo shoot. Saweeet. I really happy with how the photos turned out. I believe that my goal to capture her with emotion  and give the world a taste of who Lal is came across.

Thanks for the day Lal!!

© Cecile Gambin Photography

© Cecile Gambin Photography

Tammie’s picture in IMBA flyer

Just opened up my annual donation form for IMBA (and yes…if you ride mtb’s you should be an IMBA member so trails can stay open!!) and found one of my photos that I donated to IMBA being used for the flyer. Very cool seeing one of my pics being used! Thanks to my friend Tammie for being such a great sport and riding that line over and over again until I could set up my lighting 🙂

Tammie, Natalie, my parents, my 2 kids and myself headed up to the trails last year. While I was busy taking pictures and setting up my SB-800’s my parents took care of my wee ones. Of course, my phone didn’t work in all areas, I got 2 flats while trying to get some riding in after the shooting sessions, and after a few hours Luc had had enough and started crying. But at least I was able to pull out a couple of decent pics.

Ahhh…the joys and perils of taking pictures while being a full-time mommy. Always an adventure. Have I told you about the time I went into the a poison ivy infested area …