Samsung and Rogers Enjoy a Day at Trail Tours

Ever wondered what it’s like riding an off-road motorcycle? Well, Samsung and Rogers employees wondered and enjoyed a fun day at Trail Tours Friday, July 27, 2012. Under sunny skies and hot temps a giddy group geared up for the start of a fun filled afternoon.

Trail Tours is located in the Ganaraska Forest off Highway 115 just south of Peterborough. Steve Weykamp (owner) and his staff have plenty of experience teaching beginners to advanced riders.  The beauty of Trail Tours is that you do not need to know how to ride a motorcycle – they will teach you. Learning how to ride in a large, safe grassy field is so much more enticing than in a parking lot. Pavement hurts … grass does not…IMO. I consider myself a bit of an expert here as I have had experience falling often onto both types of surfaces. Also included in the price is a full gamut of equipment – helmet, gloves, boots, chest protectors, pants and jerseys. Trail Tours has a large fleet of 2012 Honda Offroad bikes from 80cc to 450 cc’s which are maintained after every session to insure a safe and enjoyable day.

Shopping for clothes and boots has never been this much fun!
Helping a friend secure his helmet strap.
Remember to hold the helmet straps down while putting on the most important piece of equipment.
Getting dressed is often harder than learning how to ride a bike.
Steve Weykamp instructing the troops.
Lined up, listening and learning to ride on a new fleet of Honda offroad bikes.
The advanced group learning to ride over a log. Having the ability to practice in a large, safe environment is key to a successful and happy day for everyone.
Riding single track in the Ganaraska Forest.
A beginners group learning the correct placement of the right foot for the rear brake.
Riding the Ganny’s double track.
Look ma…I’m riding a bike.
End of the day and heading back into the compound with newly found skills and an amazing day.
Peace out Bro! Hope to see you back in the trails soon.