4 of my pictures featured in ‘Inside MotoX & Offroad Magazine’

The November/December issue of Canada’s ‘Inside MotoX & Offroad Magazine’ is a special one for me as four of my pictures from this years ‘Corduroy Enduro’ have been printed. Including a double truck!

To say the least I am super stoked. This was my first time out in the field using my new camera – the almighty Nikon D3S. Actually, it was my first time period as I had just bought it that Thursday and was shooting The Cord on Sunday. I didn’t even have lots of play time with it as I was busy with family obligations prior to the event. Luckily, I have been shooting Nikon for the past 8 years so I am familiar with their terminology and menus. Compared to my D90 the buttons on the D3S were in different locations but I adapted quickly (I really didn’t have a choice if I wanted to pull off some keepers).

On an off-shoot – it felt different being a spectator at The Cord. I have competed in the women’s category twice in previous years and I know it is a very difficult and demanding two days for both the bike and for the rider. This time around, I could enjoy the beauty of The Cord. Jealous in areas that I would have loved to ride and understanding of the riders frustration when fatigue set in.

Thank you to Jeff Morgan at Inside MotoX & Offroad for publishing my images.