Meet Braxton – the biggest puppy on the block

Meet Braxton. He’s a Great Dane pup. Even though he’s only six weeks old he’s already taller than Lucy who’s the other puppy that lives in the same household and is six months.

My friend Robin just got Braxton a few weeks ago and I just had to get some photos of him before he got too big and lost his puppy look. I am a sucker for dogs and I had never seen a Great Dane pup before. Braxton stole my heart. He is such a gentleman. Literally.

Even though he is running in the picture above it was not because he was being an overly excited pup (as most puppies are). It was because he wanted to go back into his bed and chew his bone. Taking photos of him was surprisingly easy (at least when he had a bone in his mouth and was lying down happily chewing away).

I loved his demeanour. Although he was one very relaxed dude I could already see his he has personality. That was also evident when he decided to pull the alpha male part by walking on my back as I was lying down on my stomach to get his picture. I will not be letting him do that to me when he reaches his supposedly 160+ lbs. Than again, this might be just what I need for my never ending achy back.

One of my goals was to try and have his personality shine through. I am pretty sure I achieved this.

Thanks to Robin for allowing me this great opportunity to take pictures of her pup. And, for letting me move her furniture around to accomodate my photographic demands. I hope to get another chance in a few months to get some more pics of him and I am sure this time I will have to bring my wide angle lens just to be able to fit him into the entire picture.

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