Halloween: A Photographers Dream

© Cecile Gambin Photography

One of my favourite times to take photos is during Halloween season. People are happy, colourful and not afraid to be in front of the camera.

Having a week to prepare for this I decided the best plan was KISS. Not the group and not the action but the acronym that my high school English teacher used to tell us: Keep It Simple Stupid.

My original plan was to set up a couple of flood lights, a few pumpkins and leaves. Then I remembered I had some gel kits for my flashes. Bingo! Change of plan.

I used a combination of 3 flashes, one gelled green and the other two set up in light modifiers (HUGE shout-out to Nelly for lending me your SB-800).  Wouldn’t have been able to pull-off this look without it. The lights ran beautifully with only 3 misfires and one round of batteries. Besides my tombstones falling over I was really happy with the simplicity of the scene, it’s clean lines and ability to look ghoulish yet not too scary. Perfect for the wee little monsters that I knew would show up.

What I love most about taking photos at this time of year is how relaxed people are. I think Halloween brings out the kid in us all and people aren’t afraid to let loose, giggle, and just relax in general. It’s a great atmosphere! Plus as mentioned I love the colours and setting the scene for creativity is boundless. I had tons of fun looking at each costume and figuring out the best way to photograph them.

By the end of the evening approximately 30 families and a bunch of wild card teens dropped by. Of course, a large bulk showed up 45 minutes before the end which made for a bit of craziness but that’s how the ball rolls sometimes. Overall, an amazing evening and I love how the photos turned out!! Hope you enjoyed them to 🙂

© Cecile Gambin Photography

© Cecile Gambin Photography

© Cecile Gambin Photography

North Vancouver, BC – Lifestyle, Action and family portraits by cecile gambin photography

© Cecile Gambin Photography

After a few weeks of absence Cecile Gambin Photography is back up and running and open for family portraits, headshots and Fine Art. Why the absence? Simple answer is my family has recently relocated to North Vancouver!

However, before I continue my story I would like to like to take this time and thank all my Ontario clients for your trust in me as your photographer.  I had lots of fun photo sessions and will miss many of you!

It is never easy leaving friends and family but my husband accepted a job in Vancouver. As we are both very active people the move was not a difficult one to make as the call of the mountains was strong. I also thought about my photography business as I have spent the last few years establishing my self as a Sports Action, Lifestyle and a Fine Art photographer. But I am an opportunist and life is too short not to have fun!

And now, Cecile Gambin Photography is open for business and I am actively seeking new families, business people and athletes to photograph. I am a published photographer and have exhibited my fine art in many galleries and shows in Ontario. Please feel free to visit my website. I am able to photograph indoors or outdoors. And please…do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding availability or prices.