Photo Report: Offroad Ontario’s Motomotion XC Chicopee Race

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Offroad racing in an urban city just became reality. On August 26, 2012 Motomotions inaugural XC event took place at Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort, in Kitchener, Ontario. Fielding Offroad Ontario’s largest race turnout the event (over 200) was both challenging yet fun for racers and spectators alike.

Under another blazing hot sunny day, the newly layed out course held up well under dry, dusty conditions. With lots of switchbacks, off camber climbs, near vertical ups and downs – the course can be crowned as one of the most difficult on the Offroad Ontario XC circuit. Not impossible…but challenging. And in my opinion…challenge is good. I don’t know about you but that’s how I learn and how I get better. There were a few bottle necks in the morning races but don’t forget…this is a brand new course. Hiccups are bound to happen and I am sure these will be dealt with appropriately next year.

I had a blast taking pictures for this event. Taking photos in a new facility always amps up my creative juices. The most difficult part of the day (besides becoming ‘crispy’ from too much sun) was the dust. Like most of the race season this summer the dust has been relentless. I decided to stay with one lens as I did not want to change it out in the open. I just spent good money cleaning my sensor and, quite frankly, I cannot afford to part with my camera for a few days while it sits on some white lab table at Nikon HQ.

Not only was this a spectacular event Chicopee had a their restaurant/bar open and lots of beers were sold during and after the races for spectators and racers alike. Entrance money from over 400+ people was also collected in support of the Rick Hanson Foundation. Killer award plaques – sporting a huge 10×15″ size – found their way into the hands of podium recipients. Pro autograph session, free posters, vendors, exhibitors and tons of activities for the entire family. Need I say more?

I have put together a photo report with some of my favourite photos. I hope you enjoy them. The rest of the photos are available via my website at And, if you want to know my where abouts and what CGP is shooting next catch me on Facebook under Cecile Gambin Photography.

Thank you to the Motomotion crew for an outstanding event and to Chicopee Ski and Summer resort for hosting this race!

The PeeWee course was the best and the cutest I have ever seen. Held under a canopy of trees the little racers battled it out riding some sweet flowing singletrack.
‘Soupy’ working his way down the course.
Riding the ridge at the top of the ski hill overlooking Kitchener.
Urban racing was a treat with a beautiful 360 degree view every lap.
Activites for young kids were plentiful during the races. I would just dig jumping around in this bouncy castle!
Balloons, face painting, beach volleyball (lots of sand for the wee ones), a bouncy castle, and lots of race action = fun for kids.
Fastest pit stop I’ve ever seen. This future ‘Yamaha’ rider is lucky to have Dad in his pit crew.
Lots of vendors and exibitors were on hand by the chalet.
Not your usual find at an offroad race but at least Sally was well tucked in for her afternoon nap.
Race time. Yamaha’s Brian Wojnarowski drinking up at the start line.
Start of the Pro men’s race, third place finisher, Brian Gallt from the US, leads out Wojo and VandenHoek.
Brian Marshall flying up the wall finishing the day in 9th.
Jacob Faber rides hard to a first place finish in the Expert class.
Kevin Cockayne hammering a rough section of the course finishing a strong 5th in the Pro class.
Wojo, and Pro race winner jumping the logs in the enduro section of the course.
Once fatigue sets in and even the pros have a hard time with the enduro section.
Ethan Sultana ripping through the long flat downhill before the sweeping left hander at the bottom of the course.
One happy morning racer. Congrats on the race finish!!
Left to Right: Steve Polonoski from Macquire’s and Motomotion, Suzuki’s Mike VandenHoek finishing a solid 2nd, Yamaha’s Brian Wojnorawski cleaning up in first, and Chris Gallt riding KTM rounding the podium with a third place finish.
Jill Carney wrapping up a hard fought race with a third place finish in the Ladies A class gives her son a drink of water. By the end of the day Jacob had learned how to use the Camel back hydration system. This is good news for any parent as he can now carry his own water 🙂






Parts Canada CMRC TransCan MX Nationals 2012 Photo Report

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Early Saturday morning I received an email from the editor of Inside MotoX & Offroad letting me know that my credentials were waiting at Gate B ready for me to pick up in time for the 2012 Parts Canada CMRC TransCan Canadian MX Nationals held in Walton, Ontario, August 19.

A few hours later I was in my car driving back to Toronto (I had just gotten to the cottage only a few hours before) to pick up the rest of my camera gear, buy another memory card, charge my batteries and get about 4.5 hours sleep. David and the kids stayed up north so I would have to drive back on Monday to pick them up as I had taken the car.

Despite the lack of sleep and heavy driving duty it was not an issue as I loved every moment shooting the big race. Don’t get me wrong…I love offroad but I will admit that shooting a 2-3 km MX loop is much easier than a 100km enduro event. Really the only similiarities between the two sports, aside from the bikes having two wheels, is the poison ivy that grows rampant in sandy soil. And, somewhere on the Walton farm there is a crop of it and it found me!

I have assembled a few photos that I hope you will enjoy. They have been specifically chosen to represent my day watching athletes and volunteers hard at work, and spectators enjoying the show while encompassing the beautiful Walton farm landscape where the colours and textures inspired me to take the photos the way I did.

Thanks to Jeff Morgan of IMX for giving me this opportunity!

Coffee break before the first Moto of the day.

KTM’s Factory rider Jeremy Medaglia storming through the field wrapping up the season with a second place in MX2 final point standings.
Early morning mechanical.
Pre-race warm-up with Matt Goerke.
Matt Goerke with special permission to wear the Number 1 plate for the morning practice. Great for photogs with the beautiful morning light.


I love playing around with perspective. This reminds me of a toy tractor we had as kids.
Dominic Kisiel out running his shadow or is it his shadow out running him?
Chalking the dirt for the next Hole Shot winner.

Goerke charging hard and on route to a MX1 Champion title.
Gavin and Brody working their bikes in between motos. I’m sure Dad will have them jumping doubles in no time!!
Leading Edge Kawasaki’s Teddy Maier working hard for his MX2 Championship title.
Ryan Derry scrubbing low and looking good for KTM.

Taking the win. Congrats to Leading Edge Kawasake rider Goerke for his MX1 National title.
I’d be all smiles to for landing a spot on the podium at the Nationals.
MX2 podium. Welcome National Champion Teddy Maier proudly wearing the number 1. With Medaglia (2nd) and Ingalls in 3rd.