Kelso Ride

Revisiting some pictures I took this summer at Kelso Conservation Area with my friends Eaphan and Tammie. Now that big guy is in school and I’m with little guy, I kinda but not always, have a bit more time for myself. Funny how I thought that having one child is really hectic. Now it seems so easy!!

So I decided to give these pictures either a Black and White or Sepia treatment. I’m sure I’ll revisit these in a few weeks. Just because I tend to that sometimes. Sometimes if I leave if I don’t look at a picture for a while…a whole bunch of new ideas come to mind, and than I either start all over again or I tweak things to make them (hopefully) better!

It was a beautiful day – perfect blue skies with wispy clouds, and warm. Well…hot actually. Eaphan and Tammie were great as I asked them to ride a line over and over and over again. Thanks (again) guys!!

I’m hoping to get some more pictures of 2 wheeled action and now that I’ve got my dream camera I’m gonna love shooting in the woods!!




Had good times riding my mountain bike with my friends Eaphan and Tammie. And, I cannot believe how much Kelso has grown up since I started riding there back in the early 90’s. so many more features and much more technical than previous. To top off this picture perfect day Tammie and Eaphan eagerly became my models for a picture session. Always good times when your models keep riding the same line over and over again for a retake! Thanks guys!! I’m still processing the rest and still have to pack for tomorrow’s 100 km in the Ganny and still have to rehydrate and, eat dinner for that matter!