Joyride with Gary and Guido

This mommy had a day off tonight and for fun I headed up to Joyride 150 Bike Park with my friends Gary and Guido.

Now normally I would take Sebastien but this time around it was adults only. To my surprise Sebastien was ok with this probably because Grandpa had promised him that he could help make crepes for dessert.

But no crepes for me. Instead I had a fantastic evening jumping (well at least I think I jumped), riding skinnies, jumping in the foam pit, sweating in the pump tracks, taking pictures and hamming it up with the guys.

Joyride is one of those rare places that never ceases to make me feel like a big kid. Not that I am never not a big kid. Still it would have been down right cool to have a place like this back in the 70’s when I used to hit our local field aptly named ‘roller coasters’ and homemade ramps to jump our willing friends lying on the ground. I wonder if I would have tried the large jumps back then? I suspect so as I remember feeling very invincible in my younger days.

We all tried different lines and different obstacles met with either success or failure. Here is one of Gary riding the pipe. And for the record he managed to not only ride this baby once but mastered it four times in a row. Kudos to Gary. Riding a skiiny slippery metal pipe that is barely the same width as a tire is no easy feat.

Joyride is the type of place that you can go alone but it’s so much more fun with friends. I know I will be heading back and I suspect Sebastien will want to come along this time, and who knows, perhaps Luc as well on his Norco run-bike. Thanks to Gary and Guido for a great evening and to my parents for graciously babysitting my two wee ones.


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